Army captain to receive Medal of Honor for valor in Asadabad

Out of the corner of his eye, Capt. Florent Groberg saw the man first.“I’m looking at him, dark man-jams, he doesn’t look right,” Groberg said.When the stranger turned toward the American patrol, the young captain, charged with his brigade commander’s personal security detachment, quickly realized the man had a suicide bomb vest strapped to his chest.“The only thing I could think of was, ‘I have to get him away. I have to get him away from the boss. I have to get him away from everybody,’ ” Groberg said.Groberg immediately started pushing the man away, throwing him to the ground.“The next thing you know, he just lands on the ground chest first, and I’m looking at him, and he detonates,” Groberg said. “He detonated right in front of my feet.”The blast killed four Americans and wounded several others. It also caused a second suicide bomber, who remained hidden behind a small structure near the road, to detonate his vest prematurely, according to information from the Army. Groberg’s quick thinking prevented both bombers from detonating as planned, saving most of the people on the patrol.For his actions on that August 2012 morning in Afghanistan, Groberg will receive the Medal of Honor. The ceremony will take place Nov. 12 at the White House.

Source: Army captain to receive Medal of Honor for valor in Asadabad

Wrestling a suicide bomber to the ground certainly counts as MoH worthy. And CPT Groberg does a fine job of remembering his fallen comrades in arms.

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  1. I spent a lot of my time in Afghanistan in that very city, on those very steps behind the governor’s mansion where this occurred. I’m surprised something like this didn’t happen sooner, given conditions in the area, but glad that this man was there to take action when it did.

  2. Usually, when a Medal of Honor is awarded for heroism related to explosive devices and smothering the blast with a live body to save one’s comrades, the award is posthumous. In this case, the recipient got to use his enemy’s body to smother the grenade-equivalent, both earning the Grand Prize as a result and being around to receive it in person.

    Well played, CPT Groberg!

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