World of Warships

So, there’s this game, online, called World of Warships. It’s free, kinda. You can play for free, or have a premium account. The developers know a certain percentage of their audience are willing to pay for premium content and add ons.

I’m not. But I’m still advancing through the ranks fairly well.  I’m not really a gamer, but I’m addicted to this WoW like it’s crack.  It’s of a family with the popular World of Tanks online game.

Any of you out there play? I’m interested in forming a division.

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9 thoughts on “World of Warships”

  1. I’ve been resisting the urge to play this, because it would just turn out to be a massive time-suck for me. I so so SO badly want to, though.

    If you do wind up forming a division or something I’ll probably wind up playing some, but I can’t promise much in the way of a time commitment.

  2. I started just after the Beta opened up. Friend and I hit it pretty hard for a week or two, but the lack of a built-in chat made it difficult to coordinate actions. Neither of us have touched it in weeks. I could probably be persuaded to jump back in if I can pull myself away from Skyrim long enough to pull down the latest update.

  3. I’m grinding my way through World of Tanks at the moment. I’m *this* close to buying the Tiger! It will look lovely in the garage next to my T-34, Stug3G, and Wolverine. Then I start grinding for money to afford the Jackson…I’ll be at this for quite a while. Enjoy your ships!

  4. I’m on it. It’s a time suck. Don’t know if I could make the time commitments though. Remember: use AP on the BBs, use HE in all other circumstances.

    1. No. AP against your class or one type lower (e.g. Cruiser AP vs other cruisers or destroyers. Cruiser HE vs BBs). HE against higher types or carriers… roughly. Though sometimes cruiser AP vs BBs works.

      Basically, penetration is good, over penetration is bad. BB AP rounds will often go right through a carrier or destroyer.

      Aim for citadel hits. Watch out for torpedoes.

      Just hit tier 5. Don’t feel the level of competition has been that great so far (compared to WoT). I have a 94% win rate with 400+ games… (jinx)

      Lots of fun though.

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