CDR Salamander: Black Swan Tuesday: NORKalypse

All of a sudden – there is no DPRK. What next?Like the collapse of the Berlin Wall, there will be subtle hints it might happen, but when it does happen – it will be sudden, shocking, and will mark a firm moment when the security situation in that part of the world drastically changes.

Source: CDR Salamander: Black Swan Tuesday: NORKalypse

‘Phib looks at the future of North Korea. Generally, I think a policy of containment will have to continue for the indefinite future. As the comments note, the current government exists on Chinese sufferance, and they do have legitimate security concerns in the region.

Right now, China craves stability in that area more so than economic bounty. Of the possible outcomes of a NORK collapse, the odds are in favor of something bad happening, which China would like to avoid, so they’ll continue to maintain the status quo.

‘Phib is also absolutely right that the work he cites is dead wrong on the need to foster a resistance in North Korea. Such an effort would simply play into the Kim regime’s hand, offering it a legitimacy it doesn’t deserve. And absent a Chinese assent to such a movement, it would be doomed to failure.

Allowing North Korea to continue its repressive regime might not be morally upright, but supporting a resistance that can only end in tragedy would be even more immoral.

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