Veteran-made ‘Range 15’ zombie flick launches filming

Is that Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell getting tackled by the “Jump to Conclusions” guy from “Office Space”?Yes. Yes, it is.And is that Jim O’Heir from “Parks and Recreation” licking a dude’s nipple on a hospital gurney?Uh, yeah.And could that be an undead William Shatner asking to be kicked just a little harder?Yep. That’s exactly what that is.It can only mean one thing: The boys from the Ranger Up and Article 15 online T-shirt shops are making good on their promise to create exactly the kind of post-apocalyptic zombie comedy war movie they’d want to see.And they hope you do, too.

Source: Veteran-made ‘Range 15’ zombie flick launches filming

I tossed ’em a few bucks a couple months back. And yeah, I’m patiently waiting for some good fun from this flick.