Syria crisis: Russian missiles ‘fell on Iran’ – BBC News

It was unclear whether the missiles caused any damage, they said.On Wednesday, Russia said it had launched 26 cruise missiles at targets in north and north-west Syria. It has reiterated comments made at the time that all reached their targets.The news came as Nato renewed assurances to defend its allies in view of Russia’s “escalation” in Syria.Nato is boosting its response forces to be able to deploy troops speedily.The US officials provided no details of where the missiles might have landed.Iran’s Irna news agency reported on Wednesday that an unknown flying object had crashed in the village of Ghozghapan in the Iranian province of West Azerbaijan, said to be under the missiles’ flight path.But conservative Iranian media described the reports of missiles landing in Iran as “psychological operations by the US against Moscow”.”Since Russia began its operations in Syria, Western media and officials have launched an all-out assault against Moscow,” the Fars News Agency, thought to have close affiliations with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, said.

Source: Syria crisis: Russian missiles ‘fell on Iran’ – BBC News

It’s unclear if Russia coordinated the strike with Iran, or simply launched and overflew Iran on its own initiative. Either way, considering theirĀ  de facto alliance in the Syrian war, Iran isn’t going to make too much noise.

Four missiles out of 26 launched is a pretty high failure rate. But then, Russian missiles have always had a pretty high failure rate. They compensate for that by having lots and lots of missiles.

The video at the BBC site is pretty interesting, also showing FSA rebels using TOW missiles against Syrian armor, and showing what certainly looks like Russian multiple launch rockets pounding a position.

Other news reports state that in addition to EW assets, fighters, bombers and transports, the Russians have sent TOS-1 multiple launch rocket systems, and conventional artillery as well. Those reports certainly align with the traditional Russian reliance on artillery in battle.

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