OH-6 Cayuse

I think the first time I noticed the OH-6 was in the movie Capricorn One, where they played a significant role as antagonists. After that, and Apocalypse Now, I was hooked on the Loach.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abNqiPFqT74]

The US Army still operates descendants of the original OH-6 as the AH-6 and MH-6 Little Birds in the 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment (SOAR). Not bad for a helicopter that first flew in 1963.

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  1. Can’t mention the Loach without noting the civvy version (MD500) so ably piloted by T.C. on Magnum P.I.

  2. Capricorn 1- the original conspiracy theory.

    Love the Loach. The stories from Vietnam are incredible. I was surprised to see them flying in support of he Department of State in Iraq but there they were.

  3. I flew the OH6A for C Troop 16th Cav in VietNam in 1972.
    I later took a job flying 500D for a coal company for 13 years, putting about 5000 hour on that aircraft. It was and still is the “Porsche” of helicopters.
    the book “LOACH!” by Wayne Mutza is a good history. I was surprised to find myself in the book, as I had never given my picture to the author, but there I am on page 30, along with a picture of my first battle damage to my tailboom on page 31

  4. Two things (and I’ll try to not “wander”), always heard the OH-6 as a “helicopter pilots helicopter” & nothing says close support like a Loach with a minigun 50 ft over you just spewing away. Course, you have to watch the waterfall of HOT brass…thanks to all like Dan…bailed my grunt ass out one memorable day.

  5. It’s a far better AC than the Jet Ranger, which became the OH-58. Too bad Hughes couldn’t, or wouldn’t, keep parts costs lower. They would have kept the LOH contract and the Army would have been better off.

    I visited Ft. Campbell with my Naval Reserve Unit in ’76 a few months before I reported to Rucker and saw the loach was no where on the field. The Silver Eagles were still flying when I got to Rucker and I saw one of their performances. They disbanded the following year since the Army had phased out the OH-6 form the active inventory. The TNARNG had several of them into the 80s, but they soon left there as well.

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