The Oregon Shooter, Lies and Omissions


We finally have the name of the murderer in Oregon.  Media outlets have assiduously avoided revealing his race in any of the two dozen articles I have read, but in this internet age, the name almost always comes with a picture.  Chris Harper Mercer, 26, was a mixed-race man who loaded up with weapons and went into a Community College  classroom in Oregon with the intent to kill.  If Barack Obama had a son, he would look a lot more like Chris Harper Mercer than he would Trayvon Martin.  Unlike his sickeningly racist moralizing on that occasion, Obama managed to leave that detail out of his demand for further measures to disarm the law-abiding, with some false promise that draconian gun laws stop criminals from obtaining and using guns.

According to multiple sources, (WSJ and NY Post). Mercer then proceeded to ask his hostages what religion they were.  Those who replied “Christian” were shot in the head.  It is highly likely that those details were known to Barack Obama before his gun-grabbing harangue this evening shortly after 1820 EDT.  He managed to leave that out, too.  Had the reports been that the shooter had singled out gays, I am quite certain that Obama would have opened with that tidbit.

MINUTES after the 2012 shooting in the theater in Aurora, Colorado, suspect James Holmes was incorrectly identified on national broadcasts as a white male, with right-wing Tea Party affiliations.  All of it was untrue.  Within the hour the suspect in the Giffords shooting was identified as a white male Veteran.  Again, untrue.  Loughner was, in fact, a man with Communist and anarchist affiliations.  Here?  A bi-racial man who singled out Christians is not identified to the public for several hours.

Despite his identifying and killing Christians, echoing a number of massacres in Nigeria and other places perpetrated by Muslims, we have no word as to Mercer’s political or religious affiliations, if any.  I have a difficult time believing at this late hour that such affiliations aren’t known.  While the statement that no motive has been established may be true this evening, we should recall such a statement about unclear motives was made MONTHS after radical Muslim Army Major Nidal Hasan killed thirteen soldiers and civilians while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” in the 2009 Fort Hood Massacre.  Remember also, the incident was categorized by the Obama Administration as “workplace violence”.   Whether Harper killed in the name of another religion or killed in the name of the all-too pervasive and despairing Godlessness, it is he, and not the guns, certainly not MY guns, that is responsible.  But given the absolute dishonesty of both the media and this Administration, any inconvenient facts will be hard to come by until they have been able to disseminate their malignant version of events.

This evening, Barack Obama categorized our Second Amendment rights, the founders’ intent for the last redress of the People against the tyranny of government, as a “gun culture that made no sense”.  This from an Administration whose Justice Department ran hundreds of guns to drug cartels in Mexico resulting in the death of hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least one US Border patrol agent, and whose apparatus of State has gone about arming thousands who vow our destruction in some hopelessly foolish scheme to overthrow Russia’s ally in Syria.

Before the families can even begin to grieve for their loss, Barack Obama used the horrible tragedy to further his leftist agenda to eliminate the ability of We the People to resist a government that has become maliciously destructive of our liberty.  His promises to the fearful that such incidents as this, particularly if what I strongly suspect is what transpired, can be “stopped” by infringing on the rights of the innocent, are lies.  They are but a Faustian bargain that would transform us (!) into subjects rather than citizens.  Nothing short.  Worse, not a word, not a thought, not a flicker of recognition from Barack Obama for  the courage of those who stood and proclaimed their faith in the very face of death.  They were martyred, on American soil, for their beliefs.

When We the People cannot resist because we have allowed our liberties and our right to bear arms erode out of fear engendered by such a charlatan as this, we will see what is really in store for us.  Me, I will keep my last redress against the tyranny of the Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons.  Or die trying.  Because I will not live defenseless under the tyranny of such a man as the shameful snake-oil salesman who this evening took to the airwaves to spew his lies and half-truths to once again convince us to trade our liberty for safety.

11 thoughts on “The Oregon Shooter, Lies and Omissions”

  1. Well said, Colonel! The Left will not rest until they are the only ones with weapons, and they will rule forever.

  2. Not sure why race is part of this discussion. The nutjob’s father was English and he may have been born in the UK. A mentally deranged individual that had some hate on for all organised religion. Without easy access to firearms in a country completely awash with them, perhaps he would have just issued deranged facebook posts from his mother’s basement instead of killing kids.

    1. Race has every bit a place in this discussion as it did with Trayvon, and the media’s quick identification of Holmes and Loughner. All of which were raised by the media, and Obama himself. Good for the goose, good for the gander.

      The foolishness of blaming “easy access to firearms” is a pathetically weak argument for disarming the law-abiding. Notice Obama never mentioned Fort Hood or Chattanooga in his rant. If the lives were really important as something other than a far-left gun-grabbing cudgel, he might have made reference. And if they were important, then the fact that illegal aliens murder many times what occurred in Oregon yesterday on a weekly basis might also have been addressed. But Obama is all for allowing more and more of those people across our borders to take our benefits and vote Democrat in our elections.

    2. “…some hate on for all organised religion.”

      Nonsense. He asked if they were Christian, not if they were Jewish, etc.

    3. Oh and I forgot to mention… France is like, totally awash in guns, and that’s how that train shooter got his AK. Didn’t he buy it at a gun show or something? Stupid French, close your gun show loophole and tighten up your gun laws!

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  4. It should be noted too, that diseased narcissistic pustule he is, Boingo the Magnificent referred to HIMSELF 28 times in a 12 minute span. Better than twice a minute……loves the sound of his own voice, doesn’t the scumbag?

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