Russian AF Frogfoot Combat Loss Over Syria

 Looks like the Russians have lost their first combat aircraft over Syria. This (at the time of writing) has yet to be confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defence. The article is in Russian here but there’s video that I’ll embed below:A bit of analysis indicates that the it’s an SU-25 Frogfoot (the presence of which has been conformed by open source satellite photographs). The aircraft fires air to ground rockets twice and pops flares, possibly to evade a heat seeking surface to air missile. The video ends before it’s known if the pilot got out.

The Frogfoot is somewhat of an analogue to the iconic A-10. Both do a similar role, close air support. The takeaway for the Russian Airforce may be that anti-ISIS forces are better armed with MANPADs than they thought.

6 thoughts on “Russian AF Frogfoot Combat Loss Over Syria”

    1. I hope so and I hope he gets extracted. Death by burning in a cage is a horrible fate even for a Russian.

  1. Way back when the A-10 was being developed it was in competition with another US aircraft that had tentatively been given the designation A-9. All the years I followed techintel on aircraft, I was always struck by how much the Frogfoot looked like an A-9.

    1. Mark –

      One of the few (only?) surviving A-9s is located at the March Air Reserve Base museum in Riverside, CA. Not nearly as “attractive” as the A-10. And a nod to my late friend and hog driver, LTC JP Owens.

  2. Given the histrionics displayed every time the topic of retiring the A-10 comes up, this clip provides some food for thought.

    P.S. Please can we, just for once, not have to listen to 35 iterations of “Allah snackbar!!” during every firefight? Please?

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