Tuna Tours PAX

Tuna hit PAX river, and brought his camera. Click through and enjoy a nice selection of lesser known NavAir assets.

The longer I’m working this second career of mine, as a Government Civilian doing analysis work for the Navy, the more places I seem to travel. While Washington DC is a usual destination for me, either at the Pentagon for budget discussions with OPNAV (Naval Operations), or at the Washington Navy Yard for meetings about the status of various programs I’m involved in. The other frequent stop is Panama City Florida, where all the Mine Countermeasures (MCM) systems are developed and tested. However, I had a short trip out east last week, to one place I didn’t expect to ever visit – the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. PAX River for short.I was there for an Office of Naval Research (ONR) S&T Unmanned Underwater Systems Demonstration – PAX River 2015. If the Navy needs a capability that isn’t currently met by our weapon systems, and the technology isn’t something we can just buy off the shelf, that’s where ONR steps in. They help to develop new technologies- from the drawing board to a prototype system, then pushing them to the Program Offices at the Navy Yard or NAVAIR in PAX, for further refinement and testing.

Source: Chant du Départ: PAX River 2015