Russian Airstrike in Syria

[youtube]Via Spill

Of course, they’re not bombing ISIS. Instead, they’re bombing non-ISIS rebels aligned against the Assad regime. You know, they guys were supporting.

4 thoughts on “Russian Airstrike in Syria”

  1. The fact that we are unwilling or unable to help those aligned with us against the Russians, will not go down well in the rest of the world.

    1. We don’t really have anyone aligned with us in Syria. There are a few groups that have been useful in trying to topple Assad, but they’ve never been particularly friendly towards us.

  2. “You know, they guys were supporting. ”
    Okay, Art, you know damn well it’s “We’re supporting.”
    But, yeah, Putin is bombing the anti-Assad rebels, rather than ISIS.
    You would be a fool to expect something different. Syria is a Russian client state.
    Just step away…

    1. No, it’s “were supporting.”

      It’s not the apostrophe he left out, but the word “we,” as in “the guys we were supporting.”

      Because, y’know, we sure as hell aren’t supporting them anymore.

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