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For the first time in almost 38 years, there will be no Oliver Hazard Perry (OHP) Frigate on the fleet rolls of the United States Navy. The USS Simpson (FFG 56) was decommissioned in her homeport of Mayport, Florida, Sept. 29, and represented the last frigate in the Navy’s inventory.

Source: All Hands Online : Official Magazine of the U.S. Navy

USS Simpson’s decommissioning also means the only ship left in commission that has sunk another ship is USS Constitution.

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  1. Well that just sucks.
    Thin skinned; launching the one armed bandit would melt and pit the front of the aluminum house; combat life expectancy of around ten minutes. In short, a high speed missile catcher. God I loved my time on those ships. And what do we have to replace them?

  2. And the Constitution would definitely take down one of those Little Crappy Ships. One broadside and down it would go. The Flags are destroying the Navy and a lot of sailors are going to die one day because of them.

    1. One hopes that they ( the Flags ) will still be alive when that happens so that they can be hung for treason.


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