Chant du Départ: Murph beat me to it

Juvat tells a TINS at Old AF Sarge’s place. Read the whole thing.

I’m an IP at Holloman AFB, flying the mighty AT-38B. We’re back in the pattern after flying a BFM ride. I’m in the front seat. The student in the back seat is going through the IP upgrade (downgrade?) program. A first assignment Eagle guy, it’s now time to pay the piper. I’ve flown with him before, and he’s having no problems with any aspect of the course. In fact, I’ve learned a lot by having him in the pit. I’m sure he was thinking I was showing him basic student mistakes when, in fact, I’m trying my best. Of course there was some quid pro quo during the Air to Ground portion on the bombing range. I’d talked him into splitting the six bombs, he’d drop the first, I’d drop the second (from the back seat), alternating for 30 degree, 20 degree and 10 degree attacks, quarter a bomb. Most satisfying 75 cents I’d ever won. But, I digress.

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