Russian Jets in Syria

While the US continues its supposed aerial campaign against ISIS, the Russians have upped the ante, stationing combat aircraft in Syria, in support of the Assad regime. Basically, Iran and Russia have agreed to support Assad for access to the region. Part of Russia’s support is sending fighter bombers (Su-30s) and attack aircraft (Su-25s).



Russia is also reported to have deployed some of its Su-24 attack aircraft. Less than two dozen attack aircraft is a fairly modest deployment, but if they’re willing to aggressively use the sorties they can generate, they can have a significant influence on the fight.

10 thoughts on “Russian Jets in Syria”

  1. Won’t stay two dozen for long. And some of the troops entering Syria this week had previous experience in the Ukraine.

  2. According to some reports, the SU-30s are carrying air-to-air missiles on some of their rails. Hmm, I wonder what counter-air threat that would be in preparation to….?

    1. That’s simple prudence, we just are sort of surprised when we see it. They’d feel real stupid if they lost a plane or two to the only ISIS MIG-21 or Bi-plane with a manpad gunner in the back seat.

  3. Frankly, I’m rooting for Putin and Assad this time around. Kicking Assad out is a formula for destruction of more Christian communities over there. Ironically, Assad and Hussein were protectors of Christians. Killing Hussein as we did, and breaking Iraq, has turned out to be one of the biggest strategic blunders we’ve ever pulled.

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