CDR Salamander: The “Don’t Care” Caucus Would Like to Make a Statement

After being in ordinary for a few years after the DADT wars, the Executive Steering Committee of the Don’t Care Caucus would like to issue a statement via it Spokesman Plenipotentiary, Scott Faith;

Source: CDR Salamander: The “Don’t Care” Caucus Would Like to Make a Statement

We would like to not care that Erik Fanning is gay. Being gay is not an automatic red line that should preclude one from serving as Secretary of the Army. Nor is the fact that he’s never served in uniform. That’s not terribly unusual for a service secretary.

Here’s the problem. The administration likes to point out how historic appointing an openly gay man to SecArmy is. When you point out that they’re milking it for PR purposes, they throw his resume in your face. And it’s a pretty impressive resume. Various jobs in the civilian defense establishment, including undersecretary jobs, and acting Secretary of the Air Force.

But we have a sneaking suspicion that *those* job appointments were also of the “wow, history making first openly gay man appointed* variety, rather than based solely on his competency.

Further, and far, far more worrying, is that it appears Mr. Fanning’s approach to the services is a pursuit of personnel policies that further the liberal agenda, rather than a focus on building readiness and combat capabilities in the service.



11 thoughts on “CDR Salamander: The “Don’t Care” Caucus Would Like to Make a Statement”

  1. Could you find someone with an equally impressive resume who was NOT gay?

    Yes, easily.

    You could even find someone like that who was black or a woman.

    Therefore it is clear that GAY was the decisive factor, and the appointment is designed as a poke in the eye to all straight white males in the military.

    1. Should have picked Jennifer Pritzker. Smarter, AND checks the transgender block! Unfortunately, Pritzker loves the military, so that rules her out.

    1. “…if you’re going to fight in the jungle, CLASH!” – Your remark brought up this line from Good Morning Vietnam, one of Robin William’s radio characters being a gay fashion designer hired by the Army. He wasn’t a fan of olive drab and cammies.

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