Load HEAT- Lexi Thompson

“How come you’re watching women’s golf?”










Because I enjoy good golf, of course…  and because there are young players like Lexi Thompson on the course.  Sexy Lexi is one of the top young players on the LPGA tour, having won four times since 2012, with a boatload of top-ten finishes, including today’s second-place -10 at the Evian.  She and her lovely tour colleagues, like Natalie Gulbis, Michelle Wie, Morgan Pressel, Stacy Lewis, and others, have changed the image of the LPGA tour, proving that female athletes can be incredibly skilled and still be very feminine and über-attractive.

Lexi, who weighs half as much as I do, hits the ball off the tee almost as far as I do, about 269 yards, on average, good for 4th in driving distance on the LPGA tour.  (I suspect strongly she doesn’t yank-hook quite as many as I do, nor overcompensate and push it OB right on the next hole, either.)  She swings so hard, her heels come off the ground, yet still manages to control the shot.  Try THAT on a driving range, folks.  To use a technical golf term, she mashes the crap out of the ball.  And she has a superb short game, 4th also in greens in regulation.

Who said golf was boring?

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  1. I hate this game, I hate this game….GREAT SHOT!!! I Love this game, I Love this game!!!!

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