Double eclipse

The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) was aligned just right to see first the Earth, then the Moon block its view of the sun. In this picture (courtesy of “jhon henry osorio orozco” on September 13, 2015 @ MedellĂ­n-Colombia), the Moon is the black circle to the left, and the Earth is the fuzzy object at the top. The Earth is fuzzy because of the atmosphere.
double eclipse

The SDO blog has a nifty artist’s concept of what happened yesterday and also informs us that on September 28, a total lunar eclipse will be visible from most of the United States, Europe, South America and Africa.

H/t to Check ’em out for pictures from Earth of the partial lunar eclipse and last week’s auroras.

In other space news, they announced a new target for New Horizons, a Kuiper Belt Object called 2014 MU69. It will look (distantly) at 20 other Kuiper Belt Objects en route. Loads of data are still coming back from the Pluto flyby.

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