LAV Live Fire

It’s no Bradley, but hey, 25mm is 25mm.


Though my Range Safety senses were getting a bit twitchy about that guy standing on the back deck of that one LAV.

2 thoughts on “LAV Live Fire”

  1. ACOG and a Reflex sight on a vehicle mounted M240? I didn’t know the USMC had become so fancy. Good for the crew, but any idea when those became standard? Do the Marine tankers also have optics for their 240s?

  2. Good morning xbradtc. I was going to highjack your blog to blow off steam about the 14th anniversary of the attack on us (the USA). However, Instapundit had some good stuff and it lowered my blood pressure. Am I correct in thinking that you will have something about it ( the attack ) later today?

    Until later,

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