Udari Range CALFEX 2012

Elements of 1/15IN, part of the 3rd ID were deployed to Kuwait in 2012. In addition to showing the flag, they took advantage of the large Udari range complex to hold a Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX) simulating a breaching operation. Breaching operations always make good CALFEX’s both because they’re a high payoff mission, which are very complex and very hard to train to do well, and because they naturally involve almost all the assets organically available to the ground forces.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UThH3nzoUE]

2 thoughts on “Udari Range CALFEX 2012”

  1. Udari Range…first saw that place in 1998. The site of my first – and only – aircraft mishap. We collapsed the front nose gear strut of an MH-53J while doing a dust-out landing (the front tires hit a block of concrete that was buried in the sand, no way we could have seen it). The blades didn’t contact the ground, thank God, so we just slid to a stop.

    The range itself is only a mile or so from the Iraqi border, so exiting the northern side of the range could be tricky, especially at night.

    Also, watch out for the Bedouins, they used to wander across the range during the day with their goats and camels. They tried to get 5th SFG to pay them a bunch of money for a camel they claimed the SF guys shot. Of course, the SF colonel asked them to produce the dead camel. They never did, so no pay-off for them….

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