The REAL Minimum Wage is $0



McDonald’s has unveiled its plan to use touch-screen technology in self-service kiosks where customers can order and pay for their food.

According to a Business Insider report last month, McDonald’s franchisees see the minimum wage issue as “a major threat to the survival of the operator community,” and are encouraging the company to put “every resource available” into reducing labor costs through technologies such as kiosks and automatic fry dispensers.

How dare those greedy bastards who run businesses try and stay solvent!  That isn’t the Sovie… er, American way!  Now, if we could only replace Bernie Sanders with a kiosk that spits out class warfare nonsense and hackneyed COMINTERN-style propaganda against capitalism.  We’d save $174k for sure.

Love Steve Berman’s line:  “Liberals never learn.”  Of course they don’t.  They KNOW everything.  Ronald Reagan’s cogent observation nothwithstanding.

10 thoughts on “The REAL Minimum Wage is $0”

  1. The nearest McDonald’s to me already has touchscreens you can order from instead of dealing with the human element. And I’m in backwards socialist England 😉

  2. Automatic fry dispensers? Count me skeptical.
    It’s going to take a lot more work to even come close to economically viable kitchen robots. On the other hand, MickeyDees has a fairly simple menu, so they may be considered low-hanging fruit in this context.

    1. Applebees does it already. A big growth area is the interactive wine list. No printed wine list ever has much detail and most servers generally don’t know much about wines at all. Give someone a tablet and you can have loads of information right at their fingertips.

      Personally, I still prefer a live server at sit-down restaurants, but I’d rather use a kiosk for fast food.

    2. I design and build automated industrial machinery every single day, and usually with much more difficult processes than this one.

      Give me six weeks and $10,000, and I could design you an automated fry making and dispensing system. Another $20,000 and I’ll build you a prototype. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000 for one-off production after that, I suspect, or perhaps as low as 8-9,000 in volume orders.

      Yes. I’m serious.

  3. At the company owned flagship store in Orange County, Ca, Taco Bell experimented with touchscreen ordering back in the early 90’s. I never got the wrong burrito at that store.

  4. A serious downside to all of this– losing ENTRY LEVEL employment opportunities, particularly for teenagers / collegiate crowd. These were never meant to be living-wage jobs. They were a place to learn how to be an employee, begin to understand customer service, sanitation, etc. Those are foundational skills. Heck, McD’s sent me to my first business management class at age 17 because I demonstrated the willingness and aptitude for doing a quality job. Those opportunities are going away to be replaced by what?

    1. Replaced by the certitude that gummint handouts are preferable to earning one’s keep. It guarantees votes for the Left, yanno…

    2. In northern Virginia, they already are not available to teenagers and collegiates. Lower income folks are taking them as permanent jobs. That’s why they’re demanding a “living wage”. They already squeezed out many of those who would have used it in the traditional way, as a stepping-stone to management.

      So, those opportunities are already gone. That’s why a recent college grad is often such a difficult, inexperienced employee.

    3. Stormy, I submit you were atypical. You can lead a horse to water and then I guess only the wise horses know when and how much.

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