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By now, most of y’all are aware of the Mass Muslim Male Migration™ taking place in Europe. It isn’t a refugee crisis. It’s not a cry for humanitarian aid. It’s an invasion by those who are trying to finish what Charles Martel and San Isidro stopped back in the late 1400’s. You know, back when Europeans actually had balls and recognized an invasion when they saw one.Anyway, it appears that the only countries interested in staying sovereign (read: surviving) are countries who were recent members of the Occupied Club. Hungary is trying to stem the tide of wretched refuse as is Czech Republic. But the powerhouse countries, those who came up with that idiotic plan called the European Union, are only too happy to take them in, because they are either stupid, or calculating. I haven’t decided which is more apt. Germany’s PM Merkel has declared that her country will take in 500,00 immigrants a year for the next several years. And what’s more, she is pressuring the rest of the EU countries to follow suit so that Germany and France and Great Britain and Italy don’t get overwhelmed. And countries like Hungary are screaming “WE CAN’T AFFORD THIS!!!”

Source: When the Tipping Point Becomes the Breaking Point – Hookers & Booze

49% of the “Syrian” “refugees” aren’t Syrian. 75% of the “refugees” are military aged males.

Europe is slitting its own throat.

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  1. This time Europe is on its own. If I can do anything about it, the U. S. ain’t going to ride to the rescue. Now on the other hand, I can see us going in there ( once the sh*t has hit the fan ) and killing all the a__holes and taking over the land.


  2. Do ya think? I’m loving me the Hungarians right about now…practicality in the face of emotional blackmail because of a dead 5 year old boy. Been worse I assure you.

  3. That is some set of delusional opinions on a rant containing statements that have no factual basis. What ever happened to :

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

    Quite some invading army you’ve got there. 75% of the refugees are military aged males ? Now that’s weird, considering more than half are children :


    1. “According to the UN…” Great way to make your case. As if they would admit the composition of the “refugees” or admit that ISIS is deliberately infiltrating western Europe. What a surprise, also, that a for-profit NGO would cherry-pick whatever statistic would be most compelling to get more donations coming in.

    2. It is true…youth is wasted on the young as the recognition that Love does NOT conquer all. Different world than my youth, different values, faith twisted from the original written word. I wonder when people such as yourself will, if ever, realize ideals are not always reality. Near as I see, Hungary and possibly some Greek Islands plainly don’t have the infrastructure to support such an influx and are at least considerate to other countries in NOT allowing pell mell massive influx. Why don’t you get in the anal canal of the governments now taken vast amounts of refugees for not anticipating this human tragedy and preparing for the possibility. What you want never happens quickly enough, and until you are proclaimed majesty of all things won’t go the way you believe they should…rather like many on this blog.

  4. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN:
    “What you want never happens quickly enough, and until you are proclaimed majesty of all things won’t go the way you believe they should…rather like many on this blog.”

    To whom was this directed?


    1. Sorry I was clear as mud. The point I fell on my face trying to make was ethos of us on this blog have a very high sense of reality…nuts and bolts of most every situation. Along comes the “contributor” reciting the Statue of Liberty sentiments as though he/she has the corner market on “correct morality” with no apparent sense of reality. Where do those people come from?!?! Must be some good stuff they’re consuming. Apologies, I was drinking and typing.

    2. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN:

      Thank you for your reply.

      Drinking and typing, oh my! It’s a good thing the internet cops didn’t pull you over. I hear that is an automatic 30 day suspension of your keyboard.


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