All You Need to Know

In one cartoon:


Because that despicable charlatan despises us.  WE are his enemies.  ISIS?  Iran?  Muslim Brotherhood?  Cuba?  No siree.  Law-abiding Americans who believe in our Constitution, we are the ones to be destroyed.

Take note.  Hillary is worse.

H/T  Brian P.

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  1. Hillary is less popular that a lot of people think. This is why I say that. My mother, a lifetime Democrat, daughter of two lifetime Democrats and someone who traveled to D.C. for the first inauguration of B.O. is backing Donald Trump. One of my co-workers, a black man, told me that his grand mother, and two uncles, all lifetime Democrats, are backing Donald Trump. I know that is a pretty small sample, but it is telling of the disdain that many Democrats have for Hillary. I know a lot can happen between now and the primaries, but I am not as concerned about Hillary as I have been in the recent past.

    1. Indeed. So it is a warning. Provided we survive 500 more days of this petty tyrant and islamist sympathizer.

    2. P.S. I am NOT a Democrat. This proverbial apple fell far from the maternal tree. To my mothers horror and my fathers delight, I announced way back in 8th grade,1982 I believe, that I admired Ronald Reagan and would vote for him if I was old enough.

  2. After a BBQ yesterday, got this reminder from a fellow conservative who attended:

    We had a little get-together yesterday at a friend couple’s house – [redacted]’s a Dem staffer for a guy in the House of Representin’ – nice people, but professional, Democrats….

    One of their Dem friends, [redacted], was also attending. She explained that Trump appeals to all the homophobe, xenophobe, anyotherphobe, and racists out there. (I tried to point out that three illegal aliens murdered a 17 year old in our county last week, but that got a dismissive wave of the hand…) [redacted] & [redacted] (copied here) were there too. I didn’t want the table conversation to get political – so out of politeness to [our hosts] I let it drop. Anyhow, a lesson was reinforced:

    Conservatives think Liberals are misinformed, misguided, or have simply erred in their beliefs on how the world works.

    Liberals think we’re evil.

    Constant reminders.

    1. Some of us ( me) know that Liberals are evil communists. As I said elsewhere: So many necks to be stretched, so few lampposts.


  3. Our nation will never be any weaker than we will be when the term on the mulatto jackanapes is concluded. Look for the attack then.

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