Strategic Messaging, Done Right

A nine-dash line on Chinese passports.   A second Navy disguised as a Coast Guard.  And the above video.  They get it.  “Strategic Messaging” has heavy doses of propaganda.  We, on the other hand, continue to vigorously deny that basic fact.  And that the most effective propaganda is based in truth.

The video above is not simply for Chinese consumption.  We would do well to understand that.  And build our Navy accordingly.  But alas, our SECNAV is more concerned with putting women in Marine Infantry outfits and his “green fuels” initiative.  And the Commander in Chief is off taking selfies and complaining that capitalism causes glaciers to melt in the summer.

We’re so screwed.

H/T Pukka mate.

7 thoughts on “Strategic Messaging, Done Right”

  1. It’s seems obvious that we are moving back to a world where warfare will again be between major nation states. These wars will be fought over the old-fashioned reasons of territory and resources. But like history shows, the non-aggressors will wake up and be aware of the war long after it has actually started.

  2. On the one hand, it’s easy to make a CGI movie and dismiss it as so much propaganda. On the other hand, the message is pretty frakkin’ clear. Whelp. I retired last Monday. Hope the sailors I taught to find submarines remember their lessons.

  3. The real end to that movie is mushroom clouds over the Chinese seaboard. War between the US and China will last about an hour and will be a decisive, if costly, US victory.

    1. Given what is going on in the US military at this point, you’ll have to forgive me if I have serious doubts as to that outcome. FedGov simply isn’t serious about it’s real duties and all too serious about what it isn’t supposed to have its fingers in.

    2. Concur completely with QM. The means is of little consequence without the will. And if there is anything we are lacking that our enemies sense, it is that.

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