Live Fire Training- Claymore, Frags, AT4

All are very fun to set off.


7 thoughts on “Live Fire Training- Claymore, Frags, AT4”

  1. Wait—why doesn’t it look like a big orange ball of flame?

    Even though I see the real deal fairly frequently, I’m always vaguely disappointed with the lack of substance in real weapons. Thanks, Hollywood…

  2. Why does he have the pen on the top of the claymore when he’s setting it up? (I realize this may be really basic question)

    1. The two flat surfaces on the top of the mine are actually a sight to aim the mine at the desired area of coverage. You’re supposed to get right down there and align the two surfaces with where you want the center of the frag pattern. The pen trick is a cheat to make it easier to visualize.

    1. So did somebody else. We were in Kosovo back in 99 and one of the guys from the IN BN decided to steal two frags and send them home via US postal service in order to kill his girlfriend’s boyfriend (which was not him…). He sent them home to his sister, who contacted police, who contacted us. I loved the look on the BDE CDR’s face when I walked into a meeting and handed him a note summarizing the details as we knew them at the time.

  3. I pray Sir that in your other hand you held a cup of coffee for your Bde CO to give that kind of a brief 1st thing in the morning. When GI ingenuity goes bad…

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