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What started out as a post about Mexeflote’s in 2011 has turned into a 95,000 word Think Defence project on the subject of Ship to Shore Logistics.

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This is the reason the post rate has dropped recently, sorry about that, but it is now complete. The Ship to Shore Logistics Project picks up from the multi post series of the same name but this is a refresh and significant expansion, table of contents below.

Source: Ship to Shore Logistics – PROJECT COMPLETE – Think Defence

TD gets juuuuuuust a tad obsessive on some topics.

No, I haven’t sat down and read the whole thing, but I’ve read a goodly part of it over the years.

STS Logistics is a key capability for any expeditionary force, be it the US Marine Corps, or the US Army, or even our Air Force and Navy.

The ability to sustain a military force will always involve surface shipping, and eventually that sustainment has to come ashore. Ideally, it will do so through an established port. But very rarely do our military interventions work out ideally. And so the capability to work in austere environments, or even Logistics over the shore (LOTS) are needed.