Sierra Army Depot

Yes, it’s RT, but it’s a straight news story. Worth watching a couple minutes.

The Army is roughly half the size it was at the height of the Reagan years. In addition to shedding almost half a million people from the active ranks (and who knows how many from the reserve components) the Army has also slashed the numbers of combat units. But of all the tanks and trucks and whatnot are still valuable assets. Waste not, want not. So, while a lot of equipment is sold to allies, there still remains a healthy stockpile.


A lot of equipment returned from overseas needs depot level maintenance. That maintenance is done at other depots. The advantage to storage at SAD is much like that at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base- you can store equipment outside for long periods with little deterioration.


The main warehouses.


Each little tiny dot is a truck or armored vehicle. The lumps to the right are “igloos” or ammunition storage bunkers.


Towed artillery pieces.

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  1. They had me until the end when she says that instead of storage, they are re-purposing the gear and selling to either foreign buyers or police. Do they actually do long-term storage of the tanks, apcs, arty, and heavy junk, or is it a glorified junk dealer trying to ring one last buck out of defense gear? I was thrilled at the thought that those tanks were in stasis for possible use again, not so thrilled if they are hawking APCs to podunk police departments across the U.S.

    1. When you hear about MRAPs being sold or donated to police departments, this is where they come from. But some fleets, such as M1s and Bradleys really are in long term storage. Either they’re earlier models awaiting rebuild to the latest standard, or simply being held in reserve.

  2. A little more about SIAD.

    My program just completed upgrading the computer supply and finance system there (last month). To give an idea of size, when we fielded our largest installation warehouse to date (FT Bragg, NC.,) we issued 20 hand held terminal scanners (you know those things you see folks using for inventory in stores).

    For SIAD we issued 200.

    EVERY building is like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of The Lost Ark.

  3. Cool, I wonder how old that video is, I see M-60s in the foreground, I wonder how many are still around in the depots…

    1. Looking at the google maps overhead of the depot from this year, there is a line of a 100ish turret-less and engine-less tank bodies that look too small to be M1s. They could be the remains of M60s.

      I am constantly amazed by the logistics and material support system we’ve created to keep the military running.

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