ROK Live Fire 2015

For some reason, Korea, like a lot of Asian nations, loves to put on a big spectacle live fire for domestic consumption.


Our Army doesn’t do much of this. It really don’t have much training value, and fuel and ammo are expensive.

Still, it’s hella fun to watch.

H/T Brobible.

4 thoughts on “ROK Live Fire 2015”

  1. Yes!
    Fun to watch…especially in HD.

    Maybe not the best training value, but…’s value to the South Korean citizen, that’s where the value is. They want to know what it defending them
    I had the chance to go up to the DMZ, it was only for the day.
    But it was a sobering experience.
    And to be reminded that 1/4 of South Korea’s population lives within 35 miles of the DMZ.
    And they have lived this way for over 60 yrs.

    I was surprised to see that they operate A-10’s…..that’s awesome.
    If the AF won’t fly them…..let’s contract out to them to provide CAS for us.

    my paltry 2 cents

  2. I love a good CALFEX. A good one doesn’t all have to be canned. We are planning an LFX in NOV that should be pretty good.

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