URR Addresses the French Train Incident

CDR Salamander of course has a fine post on the actions of four Americans in thwarting a slaughter on the French train over the weekend.

And of course, our own URR had to share his thoughts.

We are, in many ways, fortunate in this time and place. We have thousands upon thousands of young men, and some young women, who have lived multiple iterations of “that moment”. Perhaps that more than anything separates the combat Veterans from the rest of society. While the rest of the peaceful American public can only speculate what they would do, they see in the eyes of these young men the certainty of what they WOULD do, because they have done it so many times before. They have had their measure taken many times, and each time they have passed muster. Proven, to their comrades and themselves. The pure, raw courage of young men, gripping their rifles tightly, moving in to the beaten zone, or entering a fortified building, still leaves me in awe. They had so much more to lose than I did. I had lived 40 years of a life, most of them only about half of that, if not less. Yet, they risked it all, for their comrades and their country, and not least, for the Iraqi people whose suffering was so stark.

It is, not coincidentally, one of the things the peacenik liberal far-left resents most about our Veterans. While they themselves are the intellectual and moral successors to the draft-dodging cowards who filled the Progressive ranks in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, those they disparage KNOW themselves to be worthy. Worse, they know the peaceniks are not. And the peaceniks know that, too. And, in those dark places that one only peeks in before sleep, the peaceniks know it about themselves.

It is that demonstrated character among our magnificent young Veterans that gives me hope that the corroded, moribund, amoral Socialist-Communist ilk of Hillary and Obama will not hold sway over our futures.

What would I have done? I don’t know. We all wish to be the hero in our own narratives. But I also recognize that I’m a flawed person, and far removed from my days of training for war.

5 thoughts on “URR Addresses the French Train Incident”

    1. SFC Dunlap –
      Haben Sie keine Angst . Sie sind ein Mann von großem Mut und Weisheit .
      Not you (well maybe you) but URR in particular..

  1. You may be far from your training, but it still lurks deep down. It’ll pop up when needed. The memories may not be flawless, but it will be better than nothing.

  2. Those left wingers of the 60’s and 70’s produced children who I believe espouse an equal if not moresjo left side set of beliefs. Fair enough, and my concern is about the evermore shrinking circle of people who are at least familiar with how far the giving of ones self can sometimes go. I believe most of the left sided are actually fine with allowing others to do for them what they can barely conceive doing themselves. Understanding the notion of that person to your right/left being a true (non-communist), comrade and brother in arms is of shrinking supply. Always been a hard world and I believe, getting harder.

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