Oshkosh Wins $30 Billion Army Contract Battle to Replace Humvee – Defense One

Oshkosh won the Pentagon’s $30 billion sweepstakes to replace the U.S. Army’s Humvee with up to 55,000 new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, or JLTVs, over the next 25 years, service officials said.

The Army awarded a $6.7 billion contract Tuesday to Oshkosh for an initial batch of 17,000 vehicles for the Army and Marine Corps. Production will begin in the first quarter of fiscal 2016, according to an Army release, with a later decision on the full scale of production to come in 2018, the year the vehicles are expected to be ready for initial use.

via Oshkosh Wins $30 Billion Army Contract Battle to Replace Humvee – Defense One.

I’m a little surprised Lockheed Martin wasn’t picked. They seem to win every other contract.

Of course, it’s possible they’ll protest the contract award. That seems to be the business model of most contractors today.


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  1. I covered a UK infantry battalion this last rotation that has converted from air assault to light mechanized (i.e. Motorized). They are using a new vehicle called a Foxhound that I kind of like, plus their older RWMK, which looks very cool, but is gutless. Completely new capability for the UK that they were really experimenting with.

  2. I can’t see any decent specs on it. I know it has GMs 6.6 liter diesel powering it, which I hear is a decent motor; but what’s with the massive radiator space? Unless that’s armored somehow it seems like a huge vulnerability?

    1. Apparently, Oshkosh has hidden the bottom/suspension because of proprietary interests. They didn’t want LMT or the others seeing their approach.

  3. Boy we were slow on observing mine resistant technology to apply to the HUMMER that existed decades ago in South Africa & Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

  4. We’re acknowledging that the Hummer isn’t an armored car. Which shouldn’t have shocked anyone since it was designed to replace the Jeep.

    It was an excellent Jeep replacement, but nobody remembers that because it’s a poor armored car.

    Now we’re buying an armored car and won’t have a Jeep.

    1. One of the very early posts I wrote addresses that.

      However JLTV won’t completely replace HMVEE. Just in the up armored role.

  5. Another piece of equipment designed to be all things to all people. Not a historically successful design strategy. And, at about 7 tons (for some reason they seem reluctant to publish the exact weight), “light” must mean “in comparison to a tank”..

  6. I don’t know how “light” or “heavy” this vehicle is. One requirement was it had to be transportable by C-130 for airlift and sling loaded by CH-47 and CH-53. So definitely heavier than a HMMWV. Either way I think this is a good idea unlike the ludicrous GCV concept… an APC that weighed as much as an Abrams.

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