A bit of good news

It’s always nice to wake up to good news. Friend of the blog Esli has been selected for promotion to Colonel.

Congratulations to him and his splendid bride Faith (herself a veteran as well). Esli has served as an enlisted infantryman, and in a host of leadership positions at the company and battalion levels as an Armor officer, and as an instructor in tactics. He also has a sterling reputation for genuinely caring for his soldiers and their families.

His selection for promotion is an indication that the Army still knows how to promote quality leadership.

12 thoughts on “A bit of good news”

  1. From what I glean from his responses herein the man and soldier I believe him to be richly deserves this promotion and is more over, appropriate. All the Best Sir.

  2. May I add my congratulations as well. Best wishes and stay as safe as possible.


  3. Thanks. I prefer to believe that the army is just getting more and more desperate. But I will take it.

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