4 thoughts on “The Award of the Légion d’honneur”

  1. Don’t f;@k with them on the foreign award on their dress uniform, Soldier’s Medal for the service members and the civilian equivilant for the third civilian in the triad. If it’s good enough for Patton et al…

  2. My mistake, the A1C gets the Airmans Medal which is USAF equivilant of Soldiers Medal. If I read criteria for the SM correctly the Englishman involved is eligible. Funny how the Morrocan is sniveling like a minority who got busted in a “bait” car…”I was just moving it for some lady…”

  3. Quite right about the amount of time it would take for this government to make an award for valor; that is unless of course the party in question was traded for five high value enemy miscreants. Just wasn’t quite fast enough for the truth to out.
    Make no mistake. There is a purposeful effort in progress on the part of the left to purge this society of its history, its heroes and its positive values. The concept of manliness is fast being replaced by androgynous misandry.

  4. Good oh! But now Congress has to get out of the bar and massage parlors and authorize the ONG and USAF troops Persmiision to accept the award. As they are “EMPLOYEES” of the US of A and need Congressional authority to accept the award. Google Foreigh Awards for Government workers.

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