Heavy Seas Rounding the Horn

Three New Orleans-class heavy cruisers of CruDiv 7, USS San Francisco (CA-38), USS Quincy (CA-39), and USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37), in some truly heavy seas rounding Cape Horn before the war.  With the incomparable Lowell Thomas narrating.  (Compare with “heavy seas” in the Fort Worth LCS-3 video.)

10 thoughts on “Heavy Seas Rounding the Horn”

  1. “Normal cruising speed – 31 knots”.

    I guess the ignorance of journalists about the military is timeless.

  2. As one journalist with whom I spoke said: ” I don’t know, and I don’t care.”


  3. There is something about camera’s not showing how big waves actually are.
    You get a idea with the green water coming over the bow’s, but the camera makes those waves look smaller.

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