Army Announces New “ Class VI ” MRE; Soldiers Still Complain

(ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, MARYLAND) As originally reported by our friends on The Shadowblog, the US Army has struggled since its founding in 1775 to give Soldiers the kinds of field rations that they really want. But after more than 200 years of trying, the Army thinks it has finally cracked the code.

On Monday, the Army announced that it is expanding its offerings of the field rations known as “Meals Ready to Eat” or MREs, by creating a line that includes things like beer, cigarettes, pornography, and hard liquor. Known as the “Class VI” line of MREs, their arrival is eagerly anticipated by front-line Army troops in places like Afghanistan.

“In the Army, there are ten categories, or ‘classes,’ of supply,” explained Army researcher Dr. Hank Erin. “For example, Class I is food, Class V is ammunition, et cetera. Class VI is ‘personal demand’ items. This can be any number of things, hygiene items, snack food… but to most Soldiers, Class VI means ‘vice’ items, especially alcohol.

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5 thoughts on “Army Announces New “ Class VI ” MRE; Soldiers Still Complain”

    1. No, it’s from a substitute “Duffel Blog.” Only the real thing is acceptable and I guess I’ll have to ask for my money back if this keeps up. 🙂

      The “menu” list is a real laugher.

  1. “What’s old is new again”. In beautiful, scenic RVN we were regularly issued “sundry Packs”, one per platoon, which contained various tobacco products, candy, and other little comforts. Alas, no class VI. We did have a beer fund, however. Everybody paid in and theoretically you got 2 cans of beer or soda per day. Wine provided by the Catholic chaplain for Mass (another reason for no atheists in foxholes).

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