7 thoughts on “A pair of AH-1W Cobras on approach to KPSP.”

  1. Speaking of chance observations…got to watch one of those new aerial refuelers fly at lowish altitude over the Delta on final into Travis AFB few days back. I remember a rhubarb did they settle on Boeing or Airbus?? Good looking though and boom equipped of course.

  2. No vertical stabilizer mounted third engine, had to wait until it passed overhead as I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a KC-10.

  3. Your grainy pictures seem like something taken looking towards Area 51. Maybe you should get a better camera?

  4. Thought it might be Omega, but they have two 707’s and a DC-10, no twin engine planes.
    As far as I know the only flyable KC-46 is on a flight hold because someone put the wrong type of fuel in the plane and damaged the piping.
    Was it a U.S. plane or another countries?

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