Ranger School officer combats rumors about how women passed in pointed Facebook post – The Washington Post

9. The final comment I will say is this. No matter what we at Ranger School say the non-believers will still be non-believers. We could have invited each of you to guest walk the entire course, and you would still not believe, we could have video recorded every patrol and you would still say that we “gave” it away. Nothing we say will change your opinion. I and the rest of our cadre are proud of the conduct of our soldiers, NCOs and officers, they took the mission assigned and performed to the Ranger Standard. Rangers Lead the Way!!!!!

via Ranger School officer combats rumors about how women passed in pointed Facebook post – The Washington Post.

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  1. He mentions that these women did not gain advantage on recycles (although I do know that at least one of the 8 of the original 19 recycled 3 times) but they were given the opportunity to recycle a different amount of times than the men.

    Regardless, It did take the women 120 days for the 61 day course (yes I know lots of guys, personally actually, who have redone course sections because of injury) and only 2 made it. Congrats to them, they are physically fit and mentally tough. But what now?

    They are Ranger Qualified. But not Rangers…yet. Wonder if they will serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment? And I do know that many Ranger Qualified don’t.

    Major Gen. Austin S. Miller, commanding general of the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, described the two female soldiers as “physically and mentally very capable.”

    “We shown that it’s not exclusively a male domain here,” (sic) he said.

    Goodness, I hope that wasn’t the whole point.

  2. Just remembered something, I believe xbradtc already answered my question of “But what now?” What does the Army gain from putting women through Ranger School?

    1. Assuming that the Ranger Command is honest, and I do absent objective evidence otherwise, some more Rangers.

      How will it all work out? Darned if I know. But they passed the Ranger Course with no gimmees. Unless you believe that the Ranger Cadre are lying.

    2. I have no proof, of course, but based on the things I saw in my career, I’m assuming that the truth of what really happened in that course is being hidden from the public. I know it sounds cynical, but in a way, lying is the cornerstone of the modern DoD (especially the SOF part). It seems like everyone in a leadership position lies these days. They lie about readiness issues, procurement programs, promotion rates, disciplinary actions, etc…

      Here is just one example that I had some experience with. About ten years ago, the CO of the MV-22 squadron at MCAS New River was filmed with a hidden camera telling his guys to flat-out lie about maintenance metrics for the tilt-rotor. That is way more serious than this current issue, life-and-death serious, but he lied anyway. Why? Because he was told to by his superiors. That O-5 wanted to make O-6 more than anything in the world and he was willing to risk his troops lives in order to make that goal.

      So, I don’t put anything past the Ranger School leadership and their cadre. Do those guys want to see another promotion? You bet, so they’re going to bury any private misgivings they have and follow the party line to the letter. This is not a slam on any Rangers, past, present or future. But it is what it is. No one fell on their sword and resigned when the “openly gay troops” order came down and no one in the Army, especially the Ranger School Cadre, is going to incur the wrath of the Pentagon and the White House by telling the truth.

  3. “some more Rangers.”

    Only if they “Ranger.”

    He said, they didn’t gain an advantage. It’s a bit of a parse. Lying? No.

  4. That is the big question, sitting right there waiting for an honest answer:

    What now?

    Do you send them through RIP and then on to the 75th? The two women are officers, a lieutenant and a captain, so do you give one of them command of a platoon and the other a company? Are they on the next train-up for a CENTCOM rotation with the Regiment? Will Ranger School, like every other co-ed training pipeline, now have a “goal” (ie. quota) of female graduates it has to produce each year? What about RIP, will they have the same “goals” as well?

    Speaking of RIP and the 75th, I honestly feel sorry for the scroll-wearing Rangers. I used to work with “Red” when I was a young Pave Low driver and they deserve better than this media circus that is unfolding on top of them.

    But who cares as long as it helps two West Pointers get their four stars (and they will make General, I’d bet my house on it), right? That was the whole point of this project – making sure someone got promoted to the very top.

    I foresee some tough decades for the Army, as well as the Nation as a whole, but damned if I know what to do about it….

    1. These women will always be haunted by the fact that had an entire set of “gimmes” to allow them to get through. We do that one standard was lowered from the get go, the pack weight was decreased from 45 to 35 pounds. What else was lowered is anyone’s guess, although it was probably in what was informally waived to allow them to progress.

      I think the country is for more than a hard time. The country is toast and this is just one more mile stone on the road to perdition.

  5. Unless things have changed they will be two more Ranger qualified officers in the Army, nothing more. Served under many officers who were Ranger qualified and they never saw the Ranger Regiment. At the time a lot of Academy grads went to the school before graduation as another leadership course. With these I believe one is in the MPs and the other is a chopper pilot. But with the caveat: as long as the standards were not changed.

  6. To what end? There will always be the exceptions and unless more and more female personnel pass and get Victor qualed it’s an incredibly small minority. Surely the MP O-3 will be a snap at 5 paragraph field orders and pass that skill along…hope so, it would be useful. I’ve always been told West Pointers never get negative peer evals especially if in an all officer squad comprised of other FRK’s or other source officers. I’d rather have not seen a dog & pony show about it…should have put the tab on and go about their dutie(s) with little or no fanfare.

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