F-15Cs at the Mach Loop

Spill pointed me to this nifty little clip of F-15C Eagle fighters doing some low level training at the Mach Loop in Wales.  As he  noted, burning around down in the weeds isn’t really the Eagle’s normal tactic, but it is still pretty awesome.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JultKcPcKjk]

6 thoughts on “F-15Cs at the Mach Loop”

  1. F-15 is one number too high, but still … J-F-C, that’s still instant wood right there.

  2. Please, let it not be an impossibility that one of those aviators isn’t thinking or saying “wheeeee!”

  3. The sound of a low-flying jet at near-mach sneaking up on you and then blowing by is almost, yes almost, as cool the sound of an M1A2 cranking up that turbine. (And that’s pretty cool!)

  4. Esli, had a Blue Angel at Mayport do that while they were practicing for an air show at the beach. SOB came out of nowhere at about .95 Mach and WHOOM!

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