Maetenloch on Cecil, and why big game hunting is key to species survival.

Now I’m a bit of an odd duck when it comes to this subject since I’m someone very interested in hunting who has not actually ever gone hunting – mostly due to time and logistics than anything else. But I have read most of the classic hunting literature from Hunter to Ruark to Capstick as well as various modern reference guides to safaris so I believe I know more than the average person in this area.

I am also indebted to a friend of mine from South Africa who has put me a lot of knowledge on the subject. He’s a professor here in the US who goes back to South Africa during summers to work as an assistant to a PH (professional hunter), and is very familiar with the on-the-ground realities when it comes to managing and hunting big game. One thing that becomes clear from the hunting writers and my friend is that they all have a respect (even love) for the animals they hunt as well as a deep knowledge of how they live, breed – and eventually die, which means they are also decidedly unsentimental about individual animals.

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As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The killing of Cecil the lion was one of those internet outrages all good people were supposed to join in. The dentist who killed the lion was doxxed and held up for vituperation. Calls to end the barbaric practice of big game hunting circled the web. One US airline today announced a ban on carrying big game trophies.

And yet, the reality of big game hunting is a good bit different than the shallow thinking of virtually all the morally upright scolds of the internet.

Domestic US hunters know that nothing promotes conservation like the hunting community. Why  on earth would anyone think it any different in Africa?

And consider this. The outrage community is so utterly wrong on the issue of hunting lions in Africa. Why on earth would you even consider for a moment they might be right on another topic.

I have found for myself, it is almost always beneficial to be patient, and wait a bit to learn more on any given topic of the day, before condemning or praising.

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