Dogs Everywhere!

Lots and lots of dogs!  I love the audio of forty-odd large dogs panting.   It should make you smile.  That’s quite a lot of slobber!

1 thought on “Dogs Everywhere!”

  1. 1st off, love the site, a hit it at least once a day….On topic….vaguely at least…
    When I was young, my Mom (USMC Wife), and my Aunt (US Army Wife), took me, my three cousins, two cats, one pekinese, and ONE EACH St Bernard in a Delta 88 from Fort Sill, OK, to Miami Fla…..
    All the kids were in the back, the cats were in a box hanging from the overhead light (usually), the Pekinese moved from the back window sill, to the front dash, and….wait for it….. the St Bernard was across the kids laps in the back seat. We would fight over who had the end with the slobber…..

    Best Regards
    Never Forget, Always Faithful

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