Boar Hunting with a Minigun.

I’m not a hunter. I’m not against it by any means, I just wasn’t raised as one. My dad was poor enough that he had to hunt for food as a youngster, and lucky enough he never had to as an adult.

Ordinarily, I’d shun this video as unsportsmanlike. On the other hand, feral hogs are becoming a massive pest problem in parts of Texas. And if you just happen to have a pack of wild boars running by when you’re already out to shoot your minigun, why not?


Found at The Feral Irishman, with a tip o’ the hat to Quartermaster.

4 thoughts on “Boar Hunting with a Minigun.”

  1. Here in Wisconsin, we have a feral hog problem in the Southwest corner of the state. The DNR has wild hogs listed as small game, with no bag limit.

  2. I sent the link to SKK with a note that it was “Mad Dog” Mattis Bear Hunting. Maybe I shudda wore my specs. The beasties looked a bit small for bear.

    She and I were emailing something about an interview she did with Mattis sometime back. She called his mother, got Mattis’ and then called him.

  3. You can shoot feral hogs anywhere on private land in Texas year-round, no bag limit. You must have a hunting license. They are listed as non-indigenous exotics.

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