More on Door-Kicking, Aggressive, Unnecessarily Escalatory “Peace Officers”


From that urbane sophisticate, LTCOL P over at Op-For, where he references WAPO, via SurvivalBlog:

The culture that encourages police officers to engage their weapons before gathering information promotes the mind-set that nothing, including citizen safety, is more important than officers’ personal security.

Worth the read, both LTCOL P’s cogent commentary and the original article.

Police officers should understand the risks in their jobs when they enroll in the academy, as well. That means knowing that personal safety can’t always come first.

Very tired of Police Officers asserting that their “safety” trumps Constitutional liberties.  Especially when they are more aggressive toward law-abiding American citizens than I was ever allowed to be toward Iraqis.  Sadly, as LTCOL P points out, they behave like Volkspolizei because we have allowed it.

2 thoughts on “More on Door-Kicking, Aggressive, Unnecessarily Escalatory “Peace Officers””

  1. We still have a ways to go on this, but if police continue to put their personal safety ahead of the rights of the citizens that they are sworn to protect and serve, law enforcement memorial associations may start to be looked upon as sympathy for the devil. Unarmed citizens in wheelchairs do not represent a threat to anyone’s safety, let along an armed police officer. They may be unpleasant to deal with, but that is part of the job.

  2. Things won’t change until these storm troopers personally experience negative feedback, be it in civil or criminal court or via other methods.

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