How PowerPoint Kicked Off A Revolution In Military Affairs

As an “IT guy,” Clemins began to carry a laptop with him, an unusual sight in the 1993 Navy. It was an Apple PowerBook, probably a 160 with 4 MB of memory and a 40 MB hard drive. It was one of the earliest flip top portable computers and had a grayscale LCD screen. It weighed 6.8 pounds.

His Powerbook was his constant companion, even on trips to the Pentagon. He found that people, specifically Admiral Robert J. Kelly, Commander of the Pacific Fleet based in Hawaii, were asking him for copies of the notes he took on his portable. He was living the Information Revolution of the time. “That started the use of computers, we, at Training Group Pacific, led everybody, with desktop computers,” Admiral Clemins told me.

via How PowerPoint Kicked Off A Revolution In Military Affairs.

Well, now we know who to blame for Death by PowerPoint.

It’s an interesting history lesson, and worth the five minutes.

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  1. Been a proliferate medium in the military for a while now. Being a bit of a Luddite I was slow-ish to get on board. I appreciate the long distance capability the most.

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