The Sea Knight was pretty maneuverable.

While the phamed CH-46 “Phrog” is gone from US Marine Corps service, it should be noted that the basic Boeing Vertol Model 107 design was also a successful export item. Among international operators were Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, several commercial operators, and of course, Sweden, who used the Sea Knight, known to them as the HKP 4, mostly in the Search and Rescue role. Here we see a Swedish Sea Knight put through its paces for an airshow.


2 thoughts on “The Sea Knight was pretty maneuverable.”

  1. Now THAT is some kind of Sierra Hotel flying!!!! Always liked the lines of the Sea Knight more so than the Chinook AND that the CH-46 could drop parachutists both out of the aft end and forward door one OR the other…not so with the Chinook. Not that I didn’t relish my exits out of the Hook…lovely bird.

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