Chattanooga- They fought back

Well, that’s interesting. In contravention to regulation and federal law, at least two servicemembers, including the commanding officer, were in possession of weapons, and fought back against the Islamist terrorist who attacked both a recruiting station and NOSC Chattanooga. During his assault which killed four Marines and one Sailor, at least one Marine carried a Glock pistol, and the NOSC commander, LCDR Timothy White possessed a weapon, and exchanged fire with the assailant.

Per the New York Times:


Pistols versus an AK style rifle and shotgun isn’t a fair fight, but it’s far better than nothing.

The question now is will the chain of command honor LCDR White for his valor, or denounce him for violation of regulations?

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  1. He will be lauded publicly, but his career is over. Doing something that might make his boss have to explain to HIS boss trumps heroism in the face of a mortal enemy. Welcome to the Obamanavy.

    1. I’d like to be pleasantly surprised, but I doubt I will be. There really is nothing to explain, but having spent a large chunk my life around the military, I know how it works.

  2. No, they will be punished.
    This is the new military, gay and transgendered impotent and neutered.
    The Administration would rather them all be in prison or dead after their duty is done.

  3. Big ones LCDR White. There should be awards for valor, but I too fear this will be the end of his career.

  4. LCDR Timothy White & the unspecified Marine:
    both worthy of the Bronze Star Medal –
    yet, as noted before, will most like be keelhauled.

  5. I used to fly with a Chief Master Sergeant in NM who always carried a .380 in an ankle-holster, even in uniform (I think he used to be a cop before he joined the Air Force). We all knew about it, but figured he knew what he was doing and just let it slide. Besides, we were required to always have an armed crewmember when we flew with guns (which was most of the time), so we always had someone draw a 9mm from the gun safe at the ops desk. So having one more pistol on board really wasn’t that big a deal.

    That’s the part of this whole thing that has me scratching my head. Every helicopter squadron in the Air Force flies with door guns and thus requires at least one armed person on board. We just signed one out as we were heading for the flight line. We had a gun safe and a clearing barrel right behind the desk, it wasn’t that complicated. Is it really that difficult to do something similar with recruiters?

    For the record, in 20 years of flying, I saw exactly zero ND incidents with the M9s signed out of the various ops desks I worked near. Never heard of one through the grapevine either. That’s actually really impressive, now that I think about it….

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