The New Black Panther Party

Not so different from the old one.

Black Confederate Flag supporter murdered after rally by car full of jeering black men

Over the weekend an African American woman who had attended a pro-Confederate flag rally and publicly burned her personal NAACP card in protest over how southerners are being treated was run off the road likely by members of the New Black Panther Party who confronted her at the rally.Her companion was killed in the attack.


After the rally, Vietnam veteran Arlene Barnum was chased and run off the road by unknown assailants. Fortunately she was not killed in the attack. But one Confederate flag supporter was killed in the chase.

Arlene Barnum, a Vietnam-era veteran of the U.S. Army and Republican activist who supports the Confederate battle flag, burned her lifetime membership card to the NAACP at a multi-racial unity rally to save the Linn Park Confederate Monument in Birmingham, Alabama, Saturday. After the rally, however, Barnum was injured in an accident when the truck she was in rolled over after reportedly being chased, Save Our South public relations spokesperson Jonathan Barbee told Sunday.

Vehicle Barnum was in after rolling over. According to Barnum, she and another occupant were chased off the road.

The truck was being driven by Anthony Hervey, another speaker at Saturday’s rally. According to the McAlester News-Capital, Hervey was killed in the accident, which took place near Oxford, Mississippi. Initially, supporters thought Barnum had been killed as well, but the tough Army veteran posted a video to Facebook ensuring everyone that rumors of her death were quite premature.

Supporters were relieved to hear Barnum survived, but were saddened by Hervey’s death. Hervey, Barbee told Examiner, was a veteran from Mississippi who received the Purple Heart.
According to the News-Capital, Barnum said Hervey noticed a vehicle speeding up to catch them. The vehicle started to swerve into their passenger side, the report said. Apparently, Hervey sped up, but a silver vehicle continued to pursue them. Barnum reportedly said the entire incident happened quite fast.

Black Panther Party members had confronted Barnum for her support of white people.

Remember that Attorney General Eric Holder called the New Black Panther Party “his people”, when thugs from the same group prowled voting booths in Pennsylvania with clubs, intimidating voters, for which Holder refused to investigate and prosecute.


Here’s betting nobody from this blatantly racist Administration will be anywhere near Anthony Hervey’s funeral.  I would also wager that the Eric Holder look-alike, Loretta Lynch, will not exactly demand “Justice for Anthony”, either.  It isn’t like a car full of Klansmen perpetrated vehicular homicide, now is it?  The victim’ name isn’t Malik Shabazz, or anything, either.  And after all, the Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred….

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