XBRAD, What the Heck Did You Do?

Shirtless man runs onto airport runway

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Police arrested a shirtless man believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol after he scaled two fences and ran onto a runway at San Diego International Airport, briefly interrupting flights.

Airport authority spokesman Jonathan Heller says all incoming and outgoing planes were halted for about seven minutes Thursday evening.

Heller says a maintenance worker spotted the man as he climbed over the fence near where planes wait before takeoff. Police say the man scaled a perimeter fence ringed with barbed wire before that.

Couldn’t wait in the TSA line like everybody else?

5 thoughts on “XBRAD, What the Heck Did You Do?”

    1. lol. “drug”. I meant “drug”. But I’m sure it’s a drain on your wallet as well. No personal experience, I was always a beer and vodka man myself….

  1. Way back in my misspent youth (circa. ’68) we had an individual on the 2nd nite at NTC decide that he was going to hop the fence and head over to Lindbergh Field. He was unaware that he was traversing MCRD on his trek to the airport. The Marines managed to snap him up and it took him three days to convince them he didn’t want to join the Corps. Not sure where he went after that, when we next saw the lad he was in the company of two brig chasers (he was however fully clothed).

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