To Hear the Media Tell It….


This murderer is representative of all white people, and white people should feel responsible for his actions, because we all secretly want to murder black people.


This murderer’s motive were unclear, but they are certain he is not representative whatsoever of Islam, and anyone thinking otherwise is Islamophobic, and¬†should be ashamed of themselves for thinking so.

Got it?  Easy enough.

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  1. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith died of his wounds this morning, which brings the total up to five. If I were in charge of the Marine barracks in Washington DC, I’d take my men (and anyone else who’d care to come along) down to the White House for a special sit down with the CINC. This would have to wait until the mulatto jackanapes returns. He’s currently in the Hamptons pissing off white people:

    1. It isn’t racism when rich liberals do it. Besides black folk are invited out to the Hamptons all the time and they put on fabulous shows.

    1. I’m with syderman8475. Discussion about motivation, how [free, pluralistic, non-leftist] society failed, or his mother didn’t hug him or hugged him too much, etc. should be left to Freshman sociology classes.

      “…because he was a depraved, evil bastard,” is all the explanation needed really.

      Adding relevant details like “…and was a practitioner of a political-religious philosophy that wants to kill you, ” could also be useful.

    2. Oh, but you had better care what his motives were. Because legion others with the same motives, the killing of infidels on American soil and elsewhere, are being catered to and enabled by our very own political leadership.

      1. Young men are pretty much demonized in our society today just for being young men. Add in the urge to suppress any show of masculinity in our entertainment, our schools, virtually our entire society.

        Add in that small, but significant, number of young men who feel disenfranchised from society, and outsider, for whatever reason.

        And suppose that one of these men is a Muslim, born overseas, but essentially raised here, a citizen, but one who feels disconnected from the nation and society.

        Most young men who do feel this way simply go through life frustrated and angry.

        Send one to the Middle East, and expose him to radical Islamists who tell him that the world he knows is not as it should be, where those virtues suppressed in our society are in fact the apex of life, that he not only has Islam’s permission, but a duty to lash out, to kill, and will be rewarded, feted….

    1. Sure thing. Religion of Peace. Got it. Hard to drive with your head so far up there?

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