SMA Daley polling on possible uniform changes

First, SMA Daley wants to see what interest there is in adding an Ike jacket as an optional purchase to go with the Army’s Class B service uniform.


I’m…. uncertain. It looks really weird without the usual US and branch insignia pinned on it. One wonders what the AR 670-1 guidance would be for such insignia. The article doesn’t say.

Should the female Drill Sergeant hat be ditched in favor of using the male Smokey the Bear campaign hat for both sexes?


Sure, why not?

SMA Daley is also looking to whether both sexes should wear the same “bus driver” cap for the Army Service Uniform. Which, I say yes. The current ladies hat is stupid.

He’s looking at a few other changes, but those are the high points.

7 thoughts on “SMA Daley polling on possible uniform changes”

  1. Until women are held to the same standards as men, they should have a different uniform. WMs will always be WMs and not Marines until that time comes. Having WM DIs walking around with Smokey covers is just as stupid now as it was Gen Krulak authorized it. Turns the uniform into a costume. Might as well put Eagle, Globe, and Anchors on all the Young Marine uniform gear as well. Does the Army really want to follow that nonsense by giving female drill sergeants the men’s headgear?

  2. Wait, we’re riffing 40,000 troops because of budget constraints, and we can spend money on studies on uniform changes and transgender surgery for those that remain?
    We have just opened the door to “Death To America” Iran getting nukes, and we are worrying about cosmetics.
    Tell me why I am having a problem with this.

    1. Most people can think about more than one subject at once, and the money on these uniform studies isn’t even rounding error in the budgets and can prevent wasting even more money on replacing uniforms again.

  3. “The proposed jacket would “add one layer of etiquette” for soldiers who may need to go from the Class Bs to a more formal appearance without transitioning to the full Army Service Uniform jacket,…”

    In the near future I expect that bigger duffle bags will need to be issued, along with larger wall lockers and footlockers, to handle the expanded and ever-changing wardrobe requirements. And bidets in the latrines (do they still have latrines? Are they now called “excretory facilities”, or “xfacs”?).

    We can’t, after all, have our guys and gals and etc. not looking their absolute best, whatever the occasion might be. I fancy capes, myself. And jodhpurs! I know they don’t have horsies anymore, but cavalry chic is so retro and dashing.

    I just can’t picture Ike in a beret.

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