Cajon Fire

A summer of drought and high temperatures means wildfires are a very real threat here in SoCal.

And here we go!



A brush fire that started near Interstate 15 in the Cajon Pass north of Highway 138 ripped through cars trapped on the freeway and destroyed at least five homes Friday afternoon.

That’s about a hundred miles northwest of us. But the smoke is already here.

Cajon 1

cajon 2

3 thoughts on “Cajon Fire”

  1. My wife’s aunt and uncle live … insanely close to that fire.

    We got pictures of their house today, and their house is literally casting shadows with the light from the fire.

  2. Stay safe, buddy.
    When we lived there one of my dogs developed allergies to the smoke. It’s amazing what a constant threat they are.

  3. Now you guys are complaining about TOO MUCH rain. Never happy, are ya?

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