8 thoughts on “#JadeHelm2015”

  1. Oh my god! The black helicopters! They’re flying all over Texas!

    Wait….I used to fly black helicopters…disregard. đŸ˜‰

  2. Oh come on, John, none of the Cobras or Blackhawks I worked on were really black. Dark Green, but not black…

  3. I used to think that flying a black helicopter was cool…until I had to fly day operations in Kuwait in June. That was not cool, that was holy-crap-I’m-dying hot. It was hotter than two rats screwing in a wool sock, as one of my gunners put it.

  4. Cockpit glass looks really great until the daytime sun shines in on a hot day…over the course of a day of flying.

  5. At least we had some airflow in a helo. We had a brigade from 3rd ID next door to us at Ali Al-Saleem Air Base and I can only imagine how hot it got in their armored vehicles.

    Remind me to do a write-up one of these days about a small dispute that broke out between the SOF guys at Al-Saleem and 3rd ID. It involved the treatment of the rank-and-file soldiers of the division by their brigade CO and CSM. Really strange episode, just remembered it while thinking about Kuwait.

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