Gun Control, Racism, and Liberals

The folks at Ushanka tell us the sometimes-tragic consequences of the blindly foolish liberal mindset towards the two subjects.

Kevin Sutherland on gun control:

Since I am in politics, there is one phrase coined by our Founding Fathers that really strikes me. When they founded this nation, they set out to create a “more perfect Union.” The important distinction in this phrase is that our Union is not perfect. More than 225 years later, despite so much change, this is still true. It is likely that we will never achieve absolute perfection, but I believe that the heart of American exceptionalism is that we never stop trying. If history is any guide, the forces for progress always succeed eventually, no matter how formidable their opposition is. Our fight is not merely for new gun control measures or even new mental health programs. It is for the creation of an even more perfect Union.

That is why I am a liberal. . .

Kevin Sutherland on race relations and the SC church shooting:

In my opinion there are few things that are more offensive to the victims of this crime than refusing to address the racism, much of which is institutionalized, glorified and celebrated in the South (including with the help of symbols like the Confederate flat), that cultivated this incident.

Kevin (right), a Democrat Party operative, was stabbed (40x) to death on a DC Metro train on July 4th by Jasper Spires (left).

I am posting FYI only.  I have no comment.

Nor have I.   Except to remark that Liberals will hate us even more because we refuse to be Kevin.

H/T to JPP

8 thoughts on “Gun Control, Racism, and Liberals”

  1. Compare and contrast this heroic sacrifice with the fullbore tale over at cdr salamander’s place this morning.

    1. An unbridgeable gap is arising in our country. We’ve seen it before and we all know where it leads. I would like to think that men of honor will prevail – we shall see.

  2. I felt a little sad when I first read this this morning but after being deluged with the dumbshit activist crap from the tv all day and re-reading the kind of stuff the guy was writing and working for… the most nice thing I can say is at least they seem to have caught the guy who did it.

    1. He certainly wasn’t a sympathetic character. But libtards won’t learn even one of their own gets bit hard by the lack of attachment to reality.

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