Congress OKs new ID cards for all veterans

Congress on Tuesday approved plans to offer new veteran ID cards to honorably discharged service members, in an effort to more easily prove their military service.

via Congress OKs new ID cards for all veterans.


Wait, wut?

The cards would not replace medical IDs or official defense retiree IDs for veterans, and could not be used as proof of eligibility for obtaining federal benefits.

So, basically, it’s to receive my discount at Home Depot. Got it.

What’s the point? You know what I did, and that Home Depot has always accepted? I kept the old tan IRR ID card I was issued.

6 thoughts on “Congress OKs new ID cards for all veterans”

  1. …and will cost millions to produce, distribute, replace, and otherwise manage, involving an under-staffed NEW office. Creating more bureaucracy to provide no discernible positive outcome other than adding 10-20 Federal jobs to the payroll and one contract to produce the cards, given to a crony of the administration. Brilliant!

    1. To be fair, it was a GOP congress that pushed this useless bit of feel good legislation.

      Which is far more important than stopping Obama’s Iran deal, or any of the myriad of genuine challenges the US faces.

    2. Proof that the “big government” Republicans are part of the problem. I get upset anytime someone wants to add to the already bloated and inefficient bureaucracy not just when the Democrats do it.

  2. If you want to manage histories and achievements, start with the DPM! They can’t control let alone secure what they are already mandated to do. Why on Gods green earth would we have more info stored! I know it isn’t the same but, Dem. and Rep. Fix your own mess before you add to the pile!

  3. “Veterans requesting the IDs would have to pay a small fee,…”

    Naturally. In addition, of course, to the time and expense of finding and traveling to someplace that issues them.

  4. Better run off 40-60,000 of them to issue to that quantity we are about to put out of the army.

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